“My Sinaloan snake was delivered on time and in perfect health. He’s so active , inquisitive. FrogSmiles everything I hoped they would be. The customer rep. Sales lady was very nice and called me back right away and answered many questions for me and phone calls.”

  • Gary

“We received our tangerine Honduran Milk snake about 10 days ago. He is beautiful, healthy, inquisitive, and has eaten two meals like a pro. He’s doing wonderfully and hasn’t bitten, musked or released stool on us at all. We’ve been holding him for brief periods of time to help him adjust, but I just can’t get over the fact that this amazing, healthy, vibrant boy just showed up on our doorstep carefully secured in his little container and completely perfect. Thank you . . . and don’t worry, he’s in good hands.”

  • Jenny

“Just got my 2019 female ball python from you guys and I couldn’t be any happier. She is healthy, active and looks really good. Absolutely satisfied with my order and will definitely be a constant customer. Phenomenal experts and staff!”

  • Julie

“My black and white California King snake arrived right on time, and looks great. This is my first reptile. I’m very excited to watch him grow and develop. FrogSmiles will be my first choice for all my reptiles. The pricing is great, the animal is healthy, and the overall experience was superb. I can’t wait to pick out my next snake.”

  • John

“I received my Mexican Black Kingsnake this morning he is beyond my expectations. You and your staff are wonderful I will be using you for all my reptiles. Prompt courteous and wonderful service you guys are great. Thank you.”

  • Tracy

“Well you guys did it again! My spider het g.s. BP arrived today and he is by far the best snake I have ever owned little alone ever seen!!! As soon as I took him out of the shipping box he was eager to slither around checking out his new home. My other ball pythons would roll up into a ball. This guy is my 3rd snake (2 ball pythons & 1 king snake) from you and I’ve yet been disappointed. I know we’ve sent properly a dozen emails back and forth regarding this snake and I really appreciate your time and efforts. I can’t wait until I can get more snakes from you guys.”

  • Ryan

“I wanted to thank you for the awesome Pastel HET Genetic Stripe BP! She is very alert and active, still a little shy but that’s okay. 🙂 This is my second snake from you guys and I still refuse to buy from anyone else! Anyone who isn’t sure about buying reptiles online should have nothing to fear when buying from you. I’ve got exactly that I’ve paid for each time. Im looking forward to doing business with you again soon. Thanks for everything you and your team does!”

  • Ryan

“Holy wow guys! I got my three Kenyans this morning and they are fantastic! They are so healthy, active, and tame! I’ve never seen such beautiful sand boas in person before! The albino is breathtaking and exceeds my highest hopes. The anery and snow are exactly what I would have picked out in person! How did you know I wanted a yellow snow and a chocolate anery?!

“I chose to order from you after a local “breeder” flaked on me and sold the snakes he said he’d hold for me at a show. Now I’ve realized that I had no idea how ugly his snakes were! When it comes to quality, beautiful, Kenyan sand boas, you guys don’t mess around!

“Last, but definitely not least, I can’t gush enough about your customer service. I’m sure I’m a pretty needy customer, but you were so great! Thank you so much for keeping in touch with me about the bad weather delays. It was absolutely worth the wait for these perfect snakes to arrive safely.

“I’ll be back for more reptiles, I’m sure! If you don’t have the species/color I’m considering, I don’t want it! I don’t think I’ll ever order from anyone else! And I’ll send my friends your way too!”

  • Rehannon

Thanks again! You folks are so amazing!
“Pixie frog and Clown frog showed up this morning. Great packing, the heat pack was still warm! Very healthy looking animals, evident by them jumping out of their containers when I opened them. After chasing the clown up the wall I turned to find the pixie 20 ft away in the bathroom! Ribbit! Croak! And Thank You! I’ll be doing business with you again shortly!”

  • Andy

“I have received my shipment and he seems to be very happy and healthy. Thank you, John, and Jamie for AWESOME customer service. My son is gonna be SUPER STOKED. Happy holidays to all of you!”

  • Paul

“Back in October, my husband and I received two beautiful King snakes from you. We were so happy with them that we ordered a Ball python as well! All three are healthy, docile, and a pleasure to care for. We were so worried about potential feeding problems with our python, but he’s eating like a champ! Whatever you’re doing with your breeding and early handling, you’re doing it just right. Thank you for all that you do and for your excellent service. We recommend you to all of our reptile-loving friends.”

  • Susanna

“My fiancee and I received our king snakes yesterday morning. I was, and still am impressed with the quality of the ‘lil critters’. But I am even more impressed with your customer service staff. Our order was delayed one day, not through any fault of yours, just one of those things. And even though you had no obligation to do so you : 1) upgraded the shipping to priority overnight and 2) obviously “super sized” our order as both are obviously more of a juvenile size than babies. Will be ordering more in the future.”

  • Tom

“This was my second purchase of a sand boa from Reptmart! And I couldn’t be more pleased! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thanks for great customer service and beautiful snakes! Hope to meet you next year at the Daytona reptile expo!”

  • Sandy

“He arrived and I just love him!! We have 3 corn snakes and one ball python. And I think this little sand boa just might end up being my favorite. He wasn’t jumpy like the corns. And I wanted a small snake. My son is the one that wanted the corns and ball python. I already want another, I am so happy with him! “

  • Sandy

“Hi, Wanted to let you know that my Steppe Runner just arrived a few minutes ago. She looks just awesome and very healthy!!! I just love her!!! Thank you so much!!! And thank you Nick for your extra help. Will be doing business with you all again in the future. You can add this to your testimonials if you’d like. Thanks again!!”

  • Mandy

“Made my first purchase from your company on 10/31/19 of my new Licorice Rat snake. Delivered the next day before noon and in great health. Very much looking forward to my next purchase and a continued relationship with your company.”

  • Paul

“Just letting you know that the snake arrived safely. I’m SO happy with him. He’s super calm and absolutely gorgeous. If I ever get another reptile I’ll definitely be getting it from you guys again. Thanks!”

  • Madeline

“Just wanted to let you know we got her today and she is beautiful!!! I am very, very pleased thank you so much! I have held her and she knows my sent! I am so excited to watch her grow! Thank you!”

  • Sherri

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know that both snakes got here in excellent condition and we couldn’t be more pleased! They are both extremely beautiful and the packaging (including the next feeding date) was an unexpected and wonderful surprise. Thank you for being reputable in an area that has so many shoddy vendors. We will certainly recommend you to other reptile enthusiasts!”

  • Sean

“Our 10 year old son is a Huge animal lover, especially reptiles and snakes. He has caught several and we allow him to keep them for a few days but we always make him set them free because we heard it is often hard to keep a wild snake alive in captivity. It broke his heart each time we made him set one free. For his 10th Birthday we agreed he could get a snake as a pet.

Well, we just got our families first Pet Snake today, the Sand Boa. We chose to order our snake from FrogsSpotafter shopping online and at our local retailers. The obvious concern with online is not knowing what you’re going to get or who you are dealing with. The website was informative and very detailed. We knew ahead of time that our state required the health certificate, shipping info, etc…

The staff was extremely helpful and very friendly. They answered all our questions, helped us with set up of the enclosure, and calmed our fears that were given to us by the local retailer. The Boa arrived on time and the staff followed up to ensure our satisfaction and comfort level. I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate their great customer service. I would recommend them to anyone and will shop with them again in the future.

  • Scott

“Firstly, I would really like to extend my thanks once again to ReptMart.com for providing such remarkable animals. This morning I received my second Super Snow. She looks great! (bright, alert, reactive). Already she’s adjusting to her new sisters and surroundings. My satisfaction with your animals, website, and smooth transaction process is 100%! Thanks!”

  • Gabe

“My order (110464) was received this morning consisting of two leopard geckos (snow leopard/blazzing blizard). I am very impressed with their overall health and appreciate the care and time you have obviously put into them. I will be keeping close eye on them and make sure they have time to acclimate/adjust. I’ll update you as they grow. They are beautiful! Good work!”

  • Gabe

“I have purchased 3 snakes from Reptmart, 2 sand boas and 1 hognose and I am thrilled with each one. They all arrived healthy, safely and on time. Also, all 3 are just beautiful. In my opinion FrogsSpotis first class. The animals are healthy and the customer service can’t be beat! I have spoken with Jamie via phone and email on numerous occasions and she has answered all my questions and given me some great advice. If you are buying your first reptile or adding to your collection, I strongly advise you to check out FrogsSpotfirst. You won’t be disappointed. I know I will be back! Thanks Reptmart! Keep up the great work!”

  • Caron

“The snakes have arrived and everything is perfect, absolutely beautiful animals! They look very clean and healthy! Thanks a lot for the great service and the fast shipping! When I buy another ball python, I will buy it at your site! “

  • Mit

“I received the snakes and just wanted to tell you and you company thank you so much. The python is everything I wanted and she is gorgeous. I will definitely go to you guys to purchase any more reptiles and will recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you again.”

  • Amanda

“Jamie, I received the three kingsnakes this morning at 9:20. They arrived nice and cool, and have been hydrated and moved into small boxes. All three look nice and appear to be in very good condition. I am impressed with the size and scope of your breeding operation, and the obvious quality control. I’ve been a zookeeper for 21 years and have spent a great deal of time in the field doing reptile research around the world, as well as having kept a large collection myself for many years. After a long hiatus from breeding snakes, I’m just getting started again, and it’s nice to know there are operations like FrogsSpotthat I can rely on for future breeding stock. Thank you for your professional conduct and personal consideration concerning my purchase. To quote ” I’ll be back.” Thank you.

  • Vern

“Thank you so much for the lovely, healthy leopard geckos. They both are doing great. I am very pleased. Both are so colorful.”

  • Dianne

“The albino Kenyans and the lavender Cali just arrived. They are very healthy looking and doing just fine. They were very well packaged and the information you included about each of them is awesome! This was my first order with you so there’s always a little bit of trepidation, but I read tons of comments online praising you and your facility. Now I can see why. You rock! Please give all of your employees a giant “Thank You!” from me. It takes each and every team member working together to successfully run an organization and it is obvious to me that they are all doing their jobs very well. You will be receiving many orders from me in the future.”

  • Chris

“I wanted to say that I have received my Blizzard Corn Snake Baby in peace. He is very active and very docile. Also not to mention very healthy indeed. I have got to say you guys were amazing with the fast reply and fulfilled everything I requested. Thank you guys so much.”

  • Peter

“Thank you so much for a beautiful Snow Corn! I was amazed when I saw his color. I’m letting him settle in before I take him out. This is an addition to my 2 year old female Upper Keys Corn which I also bought from Reptmart, and she is a beauty. Great work guys!”

  • Luis

“Hey, Reptmart. My Baby Albino Prairie King Snake just arrived. She seems to be in GREAT health and very alert. To be honest, I was a little nervous buying a snake on-line (something hard to do when buying a pet). But, from now on I will be coming back to get any and all future snakes. I also want to thank you guys for the FAST response time after sending you an email requesting more information. Anyways, Thanks again. See you guys soon!”

  • Ryan

“I just got my Pastel Butter male, and I have to say that those are some fantastic colors. I will have to order from you again. I appreciate all the work. Keep it up.”

  • Trevon

“I want to give a big thank you to Jamie who answered the phone. She found the snake I needed even after being told there were none in stock. Honestly I believe she deserves a raise. Again, a big thank you to you guys. I will never go to another company again. You guys rock! Keep it up.’

  • Drew

“Thanks! I got them in perfect shape! They are amazing. The White Wall pictures don’t do it justice. In person it is even more beautiful!!! I can’t believe more people aren’t breeding these. I can’t wait until these reach breeding age and I can try for white walled albinos. I’m very pleased and will be typing you a positive review at faunaclassifieds.com.”

  • Patrick

“I ordered a Butter Ghost Ball Python female about a week ago, and just received her in great condition. What a beautiful animal! I will be doing business with FrogsSpotagain, if not exclusively. have no fears, they will not disappoint. Thanks again, everyone a ReptMart.com”

  • Eric

“Just a quick note to say my female Russian Tortoises arrived this morning. They arrived in great shape! They have been active all day and ate like pigs. They far surpassed what I was expecting… great weight and size and beautiful shells! Thanks again!”

  • Brad

“This is my 3rd time using site and, as I said last time, I always look forward to using it again. I get excellent customer service! and fast email answers to all my questions. Just great all around and I look forward to ordering a new snake here hopefully in a few weeks if it ever warms up around here. Again this is my 3rd time and i hope everything goes as well as last couple times. Thank you.”

  • Seth

“Thanks for providing such excellent service and always following-up on my e-mails. Would / will definitely order from FrogsSpotagain and look forward to referring others to your company.”

  • James

“Just wanted to let you know that our Butter Motley arrived safe and sound. He’s beautiful!! Thank you so much and have a very Merry Christmas!”

  • Mona

“Just wanted to let you know we got the baby by 10:30 last Thursday and he was in great shape! He’s really cute and is getting used to his new surrounding! He’s a smart one! We can’t wait to surprise my grandson on Christmas morning with him/her!”

  • Lisa

“I ordered a pastel yellowbelly about 8 months ago. I am very pleased with my purchase and recommend your store to everyone that I meet looking for a BP. I will definitely be looking to do business with you guys again. Thanks.”

  • Jeremy

“Just wanted to thank you, the snake got here in great condition. UPS was great, they saw it was a live animal and had immediately brought it into the office from off the plane so it didn’t get to cold. My son had saved up the last year for this snake and he is very excited to have him. Thank you so much.”

  • Eric and Nikki

“Ordered a pair of juvenile Cuban False Chameleons and couldn’t be happier! Customer Service was top notch and it is readily apparent ReptMart’s staff cares about their charges (thanks Jamie!). Providing a health certificate to meet my state’s requirement is a huge plus as well! I will be a return customer – thanks!”

  • Chuck

“I got my Desert King right on schedule. He is absolutely gorgeous and so well tempered! What a great snake. In love already. Thank you so much for the great pet and great customer service!”

  • Sara

“I just wanted to let you all know that she arrived safely and on time and that she is active and curious in her quarantine. She is also beautiful, thank you for sending me such a great example. I was nervous to purchase blind but your reputation really showed today. She will be in her new permanent home in about a week and she will be loved by all of us. Thanks and take care!”

  • Matt

“Thank you for the help with the purchase of my 10 year olds birthday snake. We received the snake this morning, and he is beautiful!! Packing and shipping were great too. We will be ordering from you again soon.”

  • Wes & June

I just wanted to thank you for you speedy replies to my e-mails and the great job in packing and shipping the Pinkies. I operated an on-line business for 5 years and operated much as you do – speed and attention to detail. Thanks again. You folks will get my business in the future.”

  • Tim

“i just wanted to let you know that my little girl Lavendar Kingsnake arrived in great condition early this evening/late afternoon. She is prettier than i expected and, of course, sweet as king snakes are known to be. Thank you. I saw a photo of an adult Lavendar Kingsnake that looked more like a cocoa brown so i have named our snake Coco Chanel.”

  • Nancy

“Just wanted to say thank you. The cherry babies arrived this morning. The coloration is excellent. Both were active right out of their shipping containers, and did not appear to be stressed at all. I am very happy with them.”

  • Morris

“My 3 sub adult leopard geckos came this a.m. WOW, great looking and very active. They are making my other 3 move around, and they have been lazy until now. They love there new 120 gallon habitat. Thanks so much. I will be back to order from you again.”

  • Mike

“Just got my little guy. He looks great and his pattern is fantastic. Also seems to have a great disposition which is what’s most important to me. Please thank Kim on my behalf for adding the personal touch.”

  • Alex

“Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much. I received my baby leucistic black rat snake a few days ago and he is absolutely adorable. He is very curious and always exploring his new home. He doesn’t seem very nervous, and he is very calm and not nippy at all. I was very impressed by your customer service as you were happy to answer all my questions, and you are very speeding at getting things shipped. Thank you so very much for a wonderful experience, I will definitely being doing all my snake business with you in the future.”

  • Lyndsey

“I ordered a Snow Kenya Sand Boa and Sulcata Tortois and they arrived live and well. I received plenty of help with the order. The customer service was great. I will be ordering from you guys again.”

  • Mitchell & Jamie

“I received the King snake this morning, and she is Gorgeous!! Thank you for sending me such a gorgeous, healthy King snake. She is in her new home and loving it – heat pad, house, water, and a big tree to climb. I will be sure to order from you again. She has a permanent, ranch home. Thanks again. “


“I wanted to let you all know that I picked up my Columbian Rainbow Boa this morning, and it is BEAUTIFUL! Tame as a kitten, and WOW, when the sun hits its scales the colors are just amazing!!!! THANK YOU so much!”

  • Charles

“Hi! I just received my baby steppe runners this morning and they were packed so nicely. Thank you so much for that. They’re absolutely beautiful and healthy looking. I couldn’t be more pleased with your service. Thanks again.”

  • Denise

“What a wonderful place to do business with, Reptmart. You have really been just great and I do appreciate your being so nice. I wish all mail order, etc. customer services were even half way as good as yours. Many thanks.”

  • Rufus

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my little snake today and he looks amazing!! I love him and I hope to keep him 20+ years just like my last snake. Thank you so much!!”

  • Jennifer

“This is my first purchase from FrogsSpotbut it won’t be my last. They were spectacular to work with and I never had any problems. The shipments (pet snake and the supplies) all arrived exactly when they were supposed to and were all in great condition. Everything went flawlessly. This is an honest testimonial and I implore everyone on the fence to give FrogsSpota try for yourself! Not only were the items in pristine condition, but the staff was fantastic. They called me on the phone to make sure everything was as it should be and they took the time to answer questions from my dozens of emails where I’d ask a question or two at a time as it popped into my head. They responded very quickly, courteously, and was about as good of customer service as I’ve seen anywhere. You guys at FrogsSpotare really fantastic to work with and you guys should be commended and really proud of your amazing customer service! thanks again for everything, HIGHLY recommend!”

  • Justin

“I ordered a Licorice Black Rat snake from you on the 22 of June 2012 at 12:30 am and was able to receive the snake on the 22nd just the next day. The snake is such a great addition to my family and I can’t wait for it to grow up. The order was put in and that morning I called and asked some questions and was dealt with in a great time. You guys were very nice to deal with and when the UPS got here he was a pleasure to deal with as well. Thank you again for the beautiful, healthy snake.”

  • Jeanette

“Just wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks for the great service during the purchase of my juvenile corn and ball python on 19 Jun . A special thanks goes to Nick for his personal attention and assistance. The snakes arrived this morning as scheduled with no problems.”

  • Wayne

“I received our white out a butter corn today. They seem pretty active and healthy. They’re beautiful, thank you so much!”

  • Amber

“I wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleases with the baby red foot that I purchased. He is healthy and active. We gave him a brief soaking when he arrived. He is already exploring his new home and eating. I am very impressed with your facility and your handling methods. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.”

  • Beth

“I received my little guy this morning and I have to tell you that he is AMAZING!!! Very healthy looking. He will make a great addition to my collection (3 Leopard Geckos, 1 Upper Keys Corn Snake, 1 Cali King Snake, 1 Red Foot Tortoise, and now a Pastel Ball). I’ve purchased all my snakes from ReptMart.com so far. If I would have known of you guys before, I would have purchased my others from you. You guys are great! Thanks for your help.”

  • Luis

“I received the Tokays today and they look great. Thanks for all the help and great customer service. I will definitely be going through ReptMart.com in the very near future.”

  • Liddle

“Hello, just to let you know I did receive her yesterday and she is so tiny and adorable! I just want to say thank you again for being so helpful and informative.”

  • Brian

“The snakes arrived today in perfect condition. I will be doing more business with you guys in the near future.”

  • George

“I wanted to say thank you for your great service. As a business owner I know how important a good name is and wanted to say job well done. I could not be happier with our Guyana boa. He is beautiful and wanted to let you know how satisfied we are. Thanks again.”

  • Shelly

“I received my baby Rankins Dragon today. That was very fast shipment! He looks beautiful and revealed his amazing colors and patterns under the lights in his new well-decorated home. You guys are a wonderful business and I will recommend you to all of my friends. Thank You!”

  • Michael

“I ordered my Kingsnake Wednesday and it arrived Thursday, as promised. It has great, vivid color. It’s very healthy, and the warmer in the box was an ingenious idea during transport. I would recommend FrogsSpotto any friends interested in buying a reptile. Thank you very much! “

  • Sean

“I just unboxed my king snake and it’s perfect, nearly exactly what I was looking for. He is very active and while he is still a little feisty, I’m sure he’ll acclimate. I just want to say thanks again for the quick, responsive service. Not to mention letting me effectively hand pick my snake. So to say the least I am very confident I chose the best site out there for reptiles, and make no mistake I’ll be a repeat customer for sure.”

  • Nick

“Just wanted to let you know that my purchased arrived at 9:30 am this morning and everything went beautifully!!! My Boa is gorgeous and healthy! This is my first purchase with FrogsSpotand will not be my last. I will be sure to let my friends know how smoothly and quickly this whole experience has been! Ty so much for the great service shown.”

  • Michael

“We received our cute little snake yesterday. She is making a great adjustment and let everyone hold her. I want to thank you again for all of your help. My son was so surprised and excited. We will recommend you to any who asks.”

  • Jamie

“Reptmart, I just wanted to thank you for my veiled chameleon. I received her this morning. She’s beautiful and doing great. Your customer service is second to none. I had tried for 3 days to contact other websites with not

one reply. An hour after I called you I had a chameleon on the way. Nick, thanks for all of your help; you were excellent. “

  • Charlie

“I went and picked up my frogs. They are perfect. Exactly the size I wanted. They are so adorable, my kids are so excited!! Thank you so much!”

  • Lytoya

“So, I left early to go pick up the snakes and I’m glad I did because they are AWESOME! 🙂 I was surprised to discover how much larger the male is compared to the female. And wow they are huge for only 3 months. Anyways, they made it across the US safe and secure. I think $35 is a heck of a deal for shipping — the whole order was a great deal! I am so glad I came to you guys for my order. It was nice doing business and thanks for being supportive and answering my questions. I will definitely be ordering again in the future!”

  • Justen

“my lizard (spike) arrived today he is so perfect thanks he loves to ride in my hoodie pocket!!!!! thanks so much he is awesome.”

  • Kat

“Just received my Boa…she looks great and healthy…. Thank you so much for getting her to me quick and on a specified day. Definitely glad I purchased through your company.”

  • Joe

“Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, send photos, and work with me on this purchase. The sand boa arrived this morning and seems to be in good health and looks very well cared for, she’s a chub! My daughter will be very happy…..Again many thanks and a great experience!”

  • Dallas

“This is the second snake I bought from you (pastel ball python). He arrived this morning and all I can say is wow! Healthy and great color. I was expecting him to be shy until he settled in, but he’s already exploring all over. Thank you Reptmart!!”

  • Hpyo

“I wanted to let you know that I received my male Super Pastel Butter Ball Python from you at 9:30 am and WOW!… he is amazing! The blushing is fantastic. The yellow is proper creamy. The markings are just perfect! Thank you once again, Jamie and FrogsSpotfor making these amazing reptiles my pets. As always, a pleasure doing business with you. Best regards.”

  • Gaz

“My female Baird’s rat snake came in yesterday at 10:10am thank you very much for everything you’ve done I am very content with FrogsSpotI will definitely be recommending this company to everyone I come across. Once again I want to say thank you for everything and all your hard work and communication, your customer service is one of a kind! “

  • Raechel

“We just received our new Tibetan Frog Eye Gecko from you. I want to say that she’s a real beauty and my daughter is thrilled. Thank you for your great service and awesome quality Gecko. We will certainly recommend FrogsSpotand use you in the future.”

  • Linda

“Thank You! We are so happy with our new friend! Thank you for the speedy shipping! She arrived nice and warm!I look forward to ordering from you guys in the future! Great customer service!”

  • Michael

“I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the tomato frogs I purchased from you and received on Dec. 1st. They are adorable and growing fast. And, contrary to what I’ve read, they are always out and about. Thank you again.”

  • Nancy

“I would just like to say it has been a pleasure doing business with you and will most definitely do more with you at FrogsSpotin the future! I received my female Bumblebee Ball Python this morning at 9:30am… she is a gorgeous ball and a BIG ball! She is perfect. So thank you once again for all your help, time and effort to make this snake mine!”

  • Gaz

“Just want to thank you for making my son’s Christmas great! I ordered a frog from a well known chain pet shop and it came in DOA. They were sorry but santa doesn’t deliver dead things. So in a pinch I ordered from Reptmart. Glad I did. He ate already and is cute as a button. I am a zookeeper and I know animals, and you guys are TOP shelf. Thanks for a quality animal. Peace to you and yours.”

  • Mike

“Thank you very much! I just received the little guy and he is doing very well. Quite sweet and active when i was handling him. Thanks for the snake and wonderful customer service.”

  • Arin

“I just wanted to let you know that the corns arrived this morning and they look great! I’m really impressed with the striped creamcicle. I’ll give them a little time to settle in before offering food. Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be back for more. “

  • Cody

“The leos that I received from FrogsSpotwere absolutely stunning!! All 6 arrived in perfect health, and they all have very good personalities and love to be held! Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to order more in the future!”

  • Jordan

“Just wanted to let you know I received my baby cornsnake Tuesday morning. She arrived alive and well. She has already eaten. She is just beautiful, and I am so pleased with her. I would certainly buy from you again.”

  • Esther

“Great job Reptmart! Once again the snake has arrived safe and sound – on time, healthy, and very beautiful. You guys do a fantastic job. I cannot wait to order again.”

  • Jeff

“I received my order today. Where have you guys been my whole life?!?! LOL. everything was great and packaged well. I will definitely be back buying from you again. I appreciate the speedy shipping, and so will my critters. Thank you very much.”

  • Rowdy

“The snake arrived safe and sound early this morning. The specimen is very beautiful and seems perfectly healthy. Thank you for a great purchase experience. I look forward to my next purchase from ReptMart.”

  • Jeff

“I just wanted to let you know that I ordered an Albino King Snake from you on October 19, 2011 and I got it on October 20, 2011. He arrived in great shape. Very much alive and well. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you so much you have made me very happy.”

  • Mitchell

“My frogs were delivered well fed, healthy and very active. They look great and have been taken great care of before i got them, and the price was amazing! I look forward to many future purchases from Repmart. Great service and awesome products!”

  • Matthew

“This is just to let you know that the Banana California King that we ordered yesterday arrived today in fine shape, quickly acclimated to its new home, and seems very curious and energetic. My son is very happy. Thanks for the great service.”

  • Kevin

“Thanks for taking time in placing my order even though your computers were down. My albino redtail boa arrived the next day by 6 p.m. Healthy and alert. I’ve had him for a week and a half and he has been eating well and full of energy. I will be ordering snakes from you guys in the future. Thanks again.”

  • Jeff

“Thank you for the central american boa. She is by far one of the prettiest snakes i have ever seen. I love the fact i can sit there and hold her with no problem. Thank you and i will definetely be getting all my reptile needs from you.”

  • Joshua

“I don’t know what to say but kudos to you and your staff. I told you the other day that I would be buying again after receiving my beautiful black female corn, and now you and your staff have done it again. When you sent me the little bright red girl to say she was absolutely beautiful would be a understatement. I am very pleased! Many many thanks.”

  • Jerry

“Thank you for sending me the beautiful black female Cornsnake. I could not be any happier than if I had picked her out myself. I thank you and your staff for working with me. You really went overboard. I would recommend Reptmart.com to anyone looking for a beautiful snake, and for a great pet. Many many thanks. I will be buying from you again.”

  • Jerry

“Thank you so much for all your help with my order, To say I was pleased would be a great under statement, I am blown away, I think I love my Kingsi ( Named AL ), In a good way of course. Being a retired Policeman, I would urge everyone who has an interest in reptiles, Please do yourself a favor call FrogsSpotfor any of your Reptile needs, Humbly Len Martindale very satisfied customer…”

  • Jamie

“Thank you very much for the excellent service you provided to me when I placed my order for the Woma Python. I also appreciated the update when UPS notified you that the shipment was to be delayed due to weather. The woma arrived this morning in seemingly excellent health and she’s a beautiful specimen.”

  • D. Adams

“i just wanted to tell you how helpful you where and the snake are beautiful i will recommend FrogsSpotto any one looking to get a reptile thanks again.”

  • N. Olsen

“Just wanted to thank you for your exceptional service. Ordered late in the day, got a call within minutes saying they could still ship for the next day if we could receive. We had our Jackson by 11am the next morning, healthy, hungry and great looking!”

  • Rosemary

“I have purchased quite a few reptiles from Reptmart. I have always had exceptionally good luck with everything I have purchased. The quality of the animals are great. But most of all is the caring and attemtion that the staff at FrogsSpotgives, especially Kim, who has always taken the time to go above and beyond in the service she provides. I would say, ‘If you are looking for a quality reptile, this is the place to get it’, price, quality, selection, and the attention customers deserve. Reptmart, ‘It’s your one stop shop for reptiles!'”

  • Gary

“Hi just wanted to let you know that I have had my apricot milk for a couple of weeks now and she is doing great she has eaten seven times and now in her frist shed and looking wonderful!I will be buying from you again.”

  • Chawnna

“We just wanted to thank you and FrogsSpotfor truly exceptional service! In a day and age when it seems companies are more interested in cutting costs and treating every customer service issue like a nuisance, FrogsSpothas bucked the trend by seemingly treating every customer like they are their one-and-only patron. We certainly did our research on all the available options out there today and you all did not disappoint. From the price paid, your willingness to work with us through our myriad of questions, the top notch shipping process, and finally the quality of extremely healthy and well cared for Geckos we received …. The whole process was seamless. You all have definitely earned life-long customers.”

  • The Lincoln Family

“I just wanted to let you know I got everything and the lizards are all doing great. The Rainbow is so awesome, I just love his claws! The long tail is very active and snake like in the cage I have, I wish I’d gotten a pair. The Golden is big with big eyes she a lot like the 2 crested I have. Thank-you for the cricket water and all your help. I will not shop anywhere else.”

  • Mary

“I wanted to thank you guys again for my order. I got the two Texas rat snakes this morning and they are exactly what I expected. I will purchase from you guys again I’m sure”

  • Allen

“Hi, She just came in the mail and she’s beautiful and a real sweetheart! Thank you so much for the awesome service!!”

  • Miss Darian

“Just want to say thank you for the fast service, all the animals arrived just fine and look great!”

  • Charlie

“Thanks for your advice. After rearranging the heating pad so that it is now under the terrarium instead of being attached to the side, the boa is now eating. Again, thanks so much!”

  • Mike

“The pair of bairdis I got were great,very nice!”

  • John

“I just wanted to thank you for all your attention to detail and ongoing communication. It can be so difficult these days to find decent customer service, let alone exceptional service. I appreciate all the time you took and reassurance you gave.”

  • Karin

“I wanted to let you know the radiated rats just arrived and they look great!”

  • Chance

“Thank you! They are beautiful! 🙂 Interesting the different pattern between the male and female white-side yellow snakes :). Got them put away with water and a hide box so they can relax from the stress of traveling. I didn’t expect them to be so big! 🙂 Thank you so much!”

  • Jenny

“Thanks for the frogs, every thing is great.I hope to order more in the future.”

  • Dan

“We received our new baby Iguana, healthy, alert, and cute as a button. Thank you for all your help, service, and dependability. I know exactly where to go for all my reptile needs. From my family to yours, Thank you.”

  • Elizabeth

“I wanted to say thanks for the extremely quick replies, needless to say I received the package of snakes and 1 tarantula. I am very pleased. I was surprised at their size, expecting them to be quite a bit smaller. I am collecting 3 of many milk and kingsnakes because I am finishing my second year in college and will be studying herpetology. It’s my project and hobby. Thank you again, I will be ordering on Monday again. Extremely happy.”

  • Vinnie

“The tortoise arrived this morning at 10:42 am…BEAUTIFUL!!! He/she’s already eaten a bunch of fresh greens and pooped, good sign. Thank you so much again for working with me. I look forward to many years with my new “life partner” – hehehhe.”

  • Regina

“The tortoise is better than I expected!!!!!!!! Very Very Nice! I am pleased with the size, color and everything. Thank you very much! I will for sure purchase another tortoise from you again.”

  • Gary

“I am more satisfied with my purchase from FrogSmiles than any other store – online or in person. The python that I purchased is incredible; he is clearly in pristine health, and his colors are magnificent! I will be sure to maintain business with you! Just wanted to say thanks! :)”

  • Latta

“Reptmart, It’s been 7-8 months since I purchased a Jackson’s chameleon from you at a show, and because I just saw one of your ad banners online I decided I should thank you for the fantastic animal he is! Everyone thinks he is a gorgeous and great tempered chameleon. So thank you!”

“I thought i would let you know because i said i would that he is eating very well now and he has calmed down alot since he started eating before i have to make him come to me now he runs over to my hand when i put it in there and climbs up so tell Steve thanks and thank you for the help”

  • Olimpia

“The healthiest reptiles are acquired from people who have personally kept and bred them over their entire lives. The owners of FrogSmiles are seasoned experts, not newbies who sell ‘herps’ as just another sideline ‘product’. FrogSmiles is THE place you want to deal with for its expertise and integrity when acquiring quality herps.”

  • Bill Love / Blue Chameleon Ventures

“I got my snake today and I love it. Thanks a bunch. I will be buying from you guys again soon. Thanks again.”

  • Jeremy

“Just a note to let you know that I received the toads and tortoises a few minutes ago. All arrived in great shape. All are gorgeous!”

  • Jim

“They are beautiful and a lot bigger than what I thought. Thank you. I will be ordering again from you.”


“I’ve seen lots of wheeler-dealers come and go in this business, so FrogSmiles is an exciting, refreshing change destined for long-term success. Headed by two ultra-knowledgeable breeders, and specializing in captive-bred animals they largely produce on their own farm, it’s a win-win combination. Finally a herp pet supplier that understands the animals, not just the business side, inside-out!”

  • Kathy Love / CornUtopia

“Hello Kim I recieved my Tortoise today. Just wanted to thank you again. (S)he is very good looking and I’m very very satisfied with everything. I will definitely order from you guys for my tort needs and future additions to my family. Thanks again.”

  • S. Douglas