Exotic Pet Care Services

Exotic Pet Care Services

Taking care of exotic pets can sometimes be difficult, and some processes cannot be performed at home. Due to this, it is important to find an exotic pet care provider you can trust. At FrogSmiles Reptiles, we have years of experience providing top-quality healthy, captive bred reptiles in Stoneham. 

Our knowledge and expertise working with all kinds of exotic pets has equipped us with the knowledge to offer superior services to our clients and their pets. Moreover, we are fully-equipped to handle all your pet’s needs. Our exotic pet store provides a number of services for your reptile or amphibian. 

Exotic Pet Boarding Services

Are you going away and don’t have someone you trust to watch your reptile or amphibian pet? FrogSmiles Reptiles offers amphibian and reptile boarding!

For larger pets like bearded dragons, we have housing available, but for smaller pets like crested geckos, it is sometimes recommended that you bring your pets enclosure as it makes them feel at home. We provide food (unless your pet is on a special diet) and provide a safe, clean home away from home.

 RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED – it is advised that you call ahead and reserve a spot for exotic pet boarding, especially during holidays and school vacation weeks/weekends. We try to accommodate everyone, but there is the chance we will have more pets than we can manage. So call/Mail Us ahead and reserve a spot .

Nail Clipping

Are your bearded dragon’s nails getting too long? Not everyone is comfortable clipping their reptiles nails, however, our trained staff can clip them for you. We charge $5 for this service and our staff will even show you how to clip your bearded dragon’s nails yourself in the future.

Sexing Bearded Dragons And Geckos

Not sure if your beardie is a boy or girl? Bring it in and let us have a look. As long as it is big enough we can usually tell in a matter of seconds. Knowing your beardie’s sex is important for providing ideal care. We offer this service entirely free of charge.

Sexing Snakes

Finding out your snake’s sex is vital for providing optimal care. Additionally, it is important information to keep in mind if you’re interested in purchasing another snake to keep it company and want to avoid breeding. Bring it in and we can usually determine your snake’s sex. We charge $5 for this service only if we can accurately give you an answer

Make Reservations for Exotic Pet Boarding Today!

Are you leaving town for a while and need someone trustworthy to look after your reptile or amphibian? At FrogSmiles Reptiles, we are fully equipped and knowledgeable to care for your pet and have the necessary boarding facilities for larger exotic animals. 

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